How to stop eating peanut butter out of jar

When I used to have water polo practice from 9pm-11pm at night in college, I would get home at midnight. I just played 2 hours of water polo, so I was pretty friggin' hungry. 

But..... I was on diet.

I was carefully counting calories. I was purposefully not buying things from the grocery store. Most importantly, I heard from Oprah or someone that you shouldn't eat after 7 PM.  

Sometimes, I would successfully eschew the fridge. Other times, I would try to just have one tablespoon of peanut butter. 

But more often than not, I ate a lot of tablespoons of peanut butter. Like sometimes I would pull a muscle in my mouth voraciously scooping peanut butter. 

I felt out of control. I was so frustrated and ashamed. 

Isabel Foxen Duke, founder of Stop Fighting Food, calls this “feeling crazy around food.” 

Isabel Foxen Duke is one fabulous babe. In fact, a lot of her work was really critical to me healing my relationship with food.  I've listed her as a reference for like a million blog posts. 

I'm not the only one. Isabel is one of the most well-respected coaches in the emotional eating world. Her approach is about changing your mindset around food. 

 If I had these videos when I was binging on peanut butter, I would have realized that I needed food. Eating peanut butter was actually a pretty good choice. 

If you're tired of swinging between "this time I've got it," and "what the hell is wrong with me? Why can't I get my hand out of this peanut butter jar?" I encourage you to check her out. 

Isabel’s offering a free video training series. The series unpacks the emotional and psychological  components to changing your relationship with food. 

If this is a topic that speaks to you, I highly recommend you sign up to get her free vids.

Here’s the link again to sign up for this free training


PS: I am a paid affiliate for Isabel's program. She still does a kick-ass job though. Even Ricki Lake likes her. If you sign up using my link, you can help me pay my squarespace rent. 

Body Positive Gift Ideas

Last year about this time, I talked about holiday stress. 

Holidays are totally stressful. So, why add to the stress by trying to diet? Am I right? 

As an avid reader, I'm assuming this year you've quit dieting. BUT... you've still got holiday shopping to do. 

Being the generous person I am, I have compiled a list for your friends. Or, you can send it to your family as a wish list. ; )

Here are some body positive gift ideas for the ladies you love:

PRE-ORDER Shine Theory Button

NOTE: This item is no longer available for pre-order. Details on a second run for early 2017 coming soon. Back by popular demand! I don't shine if you don't shine! Sport this this glittery round button and tell the world that you want to work alongside other women, never against them.

1. Shine Theory Button

Shine theory posits that women should hold each other up instead of cutting each other down. "I don't shine if you don't shine" is the refrain. 

Supporting that special lady in your life is a pretty dope present. I've mentioned before how it can be pretty body positive. 

So, tell your friend you've got their back with a shiny sticker or button. 


Period Panties & Underwear | THINX

Period-proof underwear that protects you from leaks and keeps you feeling dry. Shop our entire collection!

2. Period Panties

Here's something I haven't talked about before! 

Periods. Are you uncomfortable yet? 

"Western" women are "lucky." There's relatively less shame about periods than in some countries in the world. 

Dealing with your period, however, can be literally painful sometimes and harming to your body. Do you know what they put in a lot of menstrual products? I don't. Nobody does. It's scary.

A major source of self-hatred for women is their period. We're ashamed. We feel ugly.  

So, why not have something soft and silky? I'll admit I haven't tried it yet. But, I'm hoping I get a pair soon. 


3 Ways Wanderlust Made Me Love My Body

I recently attended my first Wanderlust Festival at Stratton. I laughed, I cried, I meditated. I listened to brilliant minds speak. I rode up 4,000 feet, over the most green, beautiful mountains I have ever seen. I shared hugs, tears, and glow sticks and danced my booty off.


3. Leggings

My love of leggings is undeniable. I even wrote an article for Wanderlust where I talk about how leggings=body love. 

My favorite feature of leggings is the elastic waist. When I'm trying to honor my hunger and my fullness, I don't want a tight button stopping me too soon. Sometimes, I feel like high-waisted jeans are the corsettes of the 21st century.Well, besides that weird thing Kim Kardashian was selling for a while. 

 A lot of companies have caught on to the leggings trend so I trust that you know where to look. 

I recommend Athleta as they have straight and plus sizes. 


4. Angry Chick Music

Sorry for the weird 90s reference. Does anybody say "chick" anymore? 

Feeling revolutionary is what helps me to stay positive about my body. I often have the courage to love my body in the face of what the patriarchy wants and any ex-boyfriend. 

Obviously Beyonce had a good year for music and she woke up like this. Nicki Minaj can remind you to love that fat ass. Fiona Apple will help you conquer your ex. No Doubt has "had it up to here." Le Tigre and Sleater Kinney will help you rise up and fight the power. 

I made a Spotify playlist for some of the ones I like. The mixtape is the punk-rock flower. Maybe you can send your own recommended playlist with your holiday e-card?


Body Positivity Is a Political Movement

Discover Body Positivity Is A Political Movement Women's T-Shirt from Christy Harrison's Store only on Teespring - Free Returns and 100% Guarantee - Quote from Christy Harrison, MPH, RD, CDN on ...


5. A t-shirt to remind them they don't need to diet. 

A great t-shirt is a political act. 

Thwart the retail industrial complex by buying something from alternative sources. 

Etsy has a bunch of great resources. But, my friend, Christy Harrison, made some cool schwag. You can also check out her super cool and informative podcast, Food Psych. 

6. A FREE coaching consultation with yours truly. 

2017 is sure to be a tough year ahead. Wouldn't it be nice to have the body stuff out of sight and out of mind? That way you super smart ladies can focus on what really matters to you this year: each other. : )

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