Like a Cop Car

Wee-ooh Wee-ooh Weee. Wee-ooh Wee-ooh wee. 

This week the 4th principle in the "10 principles of Intuitive Eating" is Challenge the Food Police. 

(For my thoughts on the 1st principle, 2nd principle, and 3rd principle, click on the corresponding links here)

Don't worry. You don't have to get out your umbrella for this one, go on a hunger strike or fly to Ferguson. Listening to Lil' Wayne, however, is strongly encouraged. 

1. Think of all of your food beliefs. Identify them. Write them down if you have to. 

The first step in challenging the food police is identifying where he or she lurks in your psyche. What are your beliefs around food? Is kale good? Are hamburgers bad? Think about all your "shoulds" and "shouldn'ts" when it comes to food and exercise.

A helpful way to start this process is to think of all the diets you've been on. For example, I once just didn't eat french fries for 40 days. I used to believe french fries were the worst. 

Feel like the list is too short or can't shake a feeling of the complex religion in your head of food and diet? 

What foods make you feel GUILTY? Those are likely to lead you down the rabbit hole of what you believe about food. 

2. Let it go! Let it go! That perfect girl/boy is gone!

Frozen lyrics aside, (have I mentioned I teach 3 year olds how to swim?), just drop those beliefs like a hot potato or like you're getting down on the dance floor. 

To do this DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy) style, take that list that you just made and destroy it. If there's a safe way to do it, burn it. Cross out all those beliefs with a pen. Crumple it up. Shred it. Laugh maniacally while you rip it up into tiny little pieces. Flush it down the toilet. 

That's all for this week. Just allow yourself the freedom of an agnostic relationship to food. 






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