The Beauty Tax

They say it hurts to be beautiful but I would have never guessed that it hurts like this.

I'm talking, of course, about my wallet. It costs a boatload of money to stay pretty. People blow billions every year on cosmetics and weight loss.

According to an article by InStyle, aggregated data from reveals that the average women spends $15,000 in her lifetime on makeup alone.

When you add in the gender pay gap, being a woman should basically count as a tax deduction.

I think it's fair to say that women are largely valued for their appearance. When you're valued for your appearance, it seems worth it to spend money to keep up your appearance

People made a big fuss about Angelina Jolie's double mastectomy but they don't seem to care as much about her hysterectomy. It's likely because her ovaries haven't made her as much money over the years.

Look. I'm not trying to close down Sephora. You can still wear your favorite brightly colored lipstick and spend $27 on that moisturizer that you really love because, well, makeup is complicated. 

As a coach, I tell my clients it's not the act of doing things like eating kale, exercising regularly, or wearing makeup that betrays your commitment to feminism or even makes you unhealthy, it's HOW you engage with these items. 

I obviously love kale. I wrote a whole blog about it here. I also love exercise. I really love putting lotion on my face. 

The essential work of intuitive eating is trying to learn how to eat to NOURISH your body instead of berating it. 

 When choosing your outfit, your makeup, or even your dietary supplement, focus on taking care of yourself instead of fixing yourself.

There's nothing broken in you so there's nothing to fix. 

Money is an exchange of value. So, if you're trading your hard earned cash, just make sure you're spending it because you know your own worth already. 





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