Rocky Mountain High

 I returned to the place of my birth and my childhood this past weekend. I spent the 5 days wondering why I ever left. 

2010-12-28 13.22.27.jpg

Denver had highs in the 60s last week and up in the mountains it's dumping powder like the sky is a white gold manufacturing plant. It's the most beautiful and awesome place to be. I'm going to need a memo from my fellow New Yorkers on why I pay so much to be there especially since Denver is so much cheaper. Can you say $3 drinks?

But that's not even the best part. Colorado is one of the healthiest states in the Union and it's not because everybody is on juice cleanses and diets constantly. It's because Coloradans incorporate fitness and healthy living into their lifestyles. 

Coloradans love the mountains which means they love the outdoors. Mother Nature is a really wonderful trainer. And the smartest part about it is that Coloradans don't even have to think about it. 

I will admit that in my days in Colorado I just naturally weighed less. Sure, I was swimming competitively but also, every weekend, I spent 8 hours a day playing around in the snow or going on hikes, ridings bikes or swimming outdoors. In Colorado, fitness is a way of life. 

This is what makes me sad about most people's weight loss efforts in most other places in the world. Just like the emergence of processed food, we have removed ourselves from lifestyles that provide us with natural healthy food and natural exercise. Guess what? If you ride your bike to work and play with your friends outside, you probably don't need to hit the gym. 

In my homesickness, I challenge you all to incorporate fitness as part of your regular routine. Get off the subway a stop early, go for a walk with your friends, ride your bike to work. 

The healthy choice can be the easy and fun choice. And when it is, that's when it will stick. 

or just move to Colorado. ; )

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