Exercise could be distracting you from this issue

 A lot of people "don't diet" but are religious about exercise. 

They often say things like, "I eat what I want but I just always exercise a lot."  

Often times people in this situation tend to have a super intense relationship with exercise. They might like more "serious" versions of exercise like crossfit, or hot yoga or pure barre or soulcycle. The intensity of the exercise is important to this eater because the harder the workout, the more calories one burns. 

The more calories burned, the more comfortable this person feels eating what they like. 

I used to be this person.

See my previous post about how I used exercise as compensation. I usually ate what I wanted and just felt bad about it. 

Really that's the problem with this approach. The bigger issue is not that exercise is bad. It's very good for you. The larger problem is that the belief that certain food needs to be exercised off all the time. 

You can't have a neutral relationship with food if you need to exercise all the time to just feel okay about yourself. 

To put it differently, the cure to stop exercising obsessively actually doesn't involve exercise. It involves changing your relationship with food. 

If this blog post, leaves you wanting more, that's good. 

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