The Mythology of One Size Fits All

One of the largest issues with weight discrimination (pun intended) is that people start to believe that they should all look one way. 

To quote one of my favorite songs from my angsty teenage years, "These plastic molded seats had to be cast from someone's perfect ass, leaving the rest of us to squirm uncomfortably."

In other words, just because what we see in the media looks one way does not mean that the rest of us need to fit into that mold. That's just the way one person looks. It's not really necessary for us all to look that way. 

We're so used to seeing the same image over and over again of the young beautiful, thin, white woman who is always a perfect size 2.

This video from the Association for Size Diversity and Health really points out how this belief is what leads to weight discrimination. 

I hope it gives you permission to just be a different size. Because being all the same wouldn't be very fun. 


Props to Isabel Foxen Duke for showing me this video. : )  

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