Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy: Behold the glory of the lemon

Like most millennial women, I love Liz Lemon. But she's not the only lemon I'm loving these days. In fact, there are more lemons than kale leaves in my fridge these days and not just because it's hot. Although I do love a good sweat and squeeze (You're welcome Arrested Development fans).

They are a super sustainable and versatile citrus with a myriad of healing properties.  Here are 3 reasons they're topping my charts these days:

1. Hangover cure

The BEST thing about lemons is their detoxifying properties.  The lemon helps to clean the liver and according to one of my IIN teachers, it can cure a headache. If you drank too much tequila or even over indulged in Burger King, a lemon can fix you up real nice . I like to add the juice of 1/2 lemon to boiling water and add a little honey.

2. On the spot acne treatment.

If you grew up in the 90s, you got all your skin care advice from Jenifer Love Hewitt and Neutrogena. so,when it comes to skin care products, you want that " tingly feeling clean." Well, rub a little lemon juice on your face and it will do more than tingle. The lemon actually functions as an antibacterial agent which is great when you get the urge to pick. I guess some people also take advantage of this to make homemade cleaning products but that's really just a guess and c'mon, who do I look like? Martha Stewart?

3. Um, cooking, hello?

Lemons are super versatile in the kitchen overall. You can zest it. You can use the juice. Look up a recipe, lazy. My lemon pasta wasn't good enough to make the cut. You can slice it up and put it in your water. You could eat it but I don't really recommend that.

So, go buy a bag. I promise it won't be, "difficult difficult lemon difficult."(You're also welcome, In the Loop fans).

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