3 Reasons You can Chill the F out about Thanksgiving

I'm pretty sure that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. It kicks off a good month of relaxation, cookies are plentiful. When I lived in Colorado, it meant the ski season was really getting started.

These days, the public has developed quite the adversary out of this beloved day. Gyms and diet books warn of the dreaded holiday weight gain as if this single month could be the whole reason 2/3 of America is overweight.

It's not. Here's why:

1. Mindful Eating:
For one single day, people take the day off of work to slow down, give thanks, and eat. *Spoiler Alert* Mindful eating is my number one weight management tip. When you pay attention to your hunger,  your fullness, and the taste of the food, you're more likely to feel satisfied. 

2. Home Cooking

Most Americans can't find the time to eat a home cooked meal. The fact is that restaurants and pre-prepared meals contain most of the fat, sugar, and salt associated with the growing rates of heart disease and diabetes. So even if your green bean casserole is loaded with cheese, chances are it's still better for you than whatever it is you shove down your throat during your lack of a lunch break.

3. A reconnection with food
As a self-proclaimed Michael Pollan enthusiast, one of my favorite things about Thanksgiving in the Northeast is that it's made from seasonal and local food. It's all about the harvest. According to what I learned at IIN about macrobiotic theory, eating locally and seasonally also helps to ground you and feel more connected to your environment.


So there you have it. Slow down, cook, and eat that pumpkin pie.  

If you feel guilty afterwards, schedule a consultation with me. It's a Black Friday special. ;)

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