Miley Cyrus = Agency in the Patriarchy?

Let’s face it. The world favors healthy white upper middle class MEN. So, sometimes, being a young woman can be hard work. I am, frankly, pretty exhausted. I've been busting my badonkadonk since I was 12 years old but all that hard work doesn't necessarily translate into $$$. 

I feel like that other X chromosome is really weighing me down professionally these days. For women like Miley Cyrus, however, she does a lot of heavy lifting (and licking?) to prevent the world from "wrecking" her.

 Oppression and agency are not necessarily mutually exclusive just like being a virgin or a whore is not mutually exclusive.  Sure, it would be great if Miley could have followed a "nobler" path toward success but it's still pretty awesome to see some female millionaires who can help inspire other young women to close the gap on income inequality.

After I saw a Facebook post from Miss Representation about how Ruthie from 7th Heaven posed for Maxim, I realized that many female child actors who start out as little girls have trouble redefining their careers as they age out of being children. It's strange to me that sexuality is how women establish themselves as adults. I mean Justin Timberlake didn't have to pretend to perform oral sex on stage to be considered an adult.

Unfortunately for Miley, as I'm sure her business manager is aware, merely writing a meaningful song wouldn't be enough to disassociate herself from her pink and purple days of Hannah Montana. She would have to follow in the footsteps of other women before her like Madonna, Britney, and Christina Aguilera. Those are powerful and successful business women.

Miley Cyrus has actually publicly stated that she is a feministAs much as she's a woman we all love to hate,  maybe, just maybe, she's not the scum of the earth. Seriously, ladies, why can't we all just be friends? 

In the comments below, let me know how being a woman affects or doesn't affect your professional life. What would you do if you were Miley? How do you find agency in your own life when it seems unfair? How do you react to Miley's sexual writhing in the Wrecking Ball? 






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