3 reasons you hate going to the gym

I'm hoping you found this article by googling, "Why do I hate going to the gym?"

I can guess that the primary reason you are going to the gym is weight loss. 

If you're going to the gym for weight loss, then you're not going to the gym because you like going to the gym. 

Here are three reasons you hate going to the gym: 

1. You're focusing on the end goal, not the process. 

Marie Forleo nails this one on the head. She notes a study by Fischbach and Choi that monitored two groups of people: a group told to focus on the desired result of the exercise and a group told to focus on the exercise itself.

Guess what the study found? People who focused on the process of working out exercised for longer than the people focused on results, by about 9 minutes.

It's the joy of the journey that creates the healthy habit of exercising regularly

2.  Measuring stuff makes it less pleasurable. 

Kaila Prins does this kick-ass video below where she talks about the difference between extrinsic and intrinsic motivation. Her source is the book Drive, by Dan Pink. The book presents a study about people solving puzzles. People who got paid to solve puzzles were initially very motivated by getting paid and solved more puzzles. Eventually, when they didn't get paid, they didn't enjoy the puzzles and opted not to solve as many. 

This video dismantles the idea that being "rewarded" for exercise ultimately makes it more fun. She points out that measuring your workouts is motivating to start out. However, it ultimately makes you start to dislike the activity because you become extrinsically motivated by the reward instead of enjoying the activity itself. 


3. You don't like going to the gym. 

I don't think I need a study or a video to support this idea. Going to the gym may not be a fun activity for you. 

I will make you feel better by letting you know that I don't like going to the gym. The gym's only redeeming feature is cable television. 

I like yoga class. I like hiking. I like swimming and I like bicycling and playing games.


Fuck the dude-bros sitting on the squat machine for 27 hours trying to lift 500 pounds while sweating through the seat when you're just trying to do you. Fuck being in a dark basement when it's beautiful outside. 

The good news is that you can still be healthy without going to the gym. 




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